Monday, February 25, 2013

I dangled 866 ft in the air

Sometimes a girl just doesn't blog for 20 days.

What was she doing? Where has she been?

None of your business. Ok, I've been doing regular things and going regular places. And wait, I just got back from LAS VEGAS, BABY!

The Man was skiing in Tahoe last week, and we met up in Las Vegas, along with my brother and his girlfriend.

OHMYGOD did you guys get married?

No insensitive jerk, we did not. BUT! We did play blackjack and roulette for hours and had a good time and the Man and I each ended up about $100 up, so that's fun. We met some nice people and good dealers who were delighted to advise when to hit, when to stay, and when to double-down.

On Saturday we went to the Stratosphere because my brother had read on the internet that they had the best odds for roulette. As it turns out, they don't. But we played anyway and then we took an elevator 866 ft up and decided to pay to have someone hurl us out over the edge of the observation deck and scare the shit out of us. Stupidity! Bravery!

Here's my artist's rendering of what the X-Scream ride is, from afar. The little red bit is our car on the track.

It's very tall. You're on a car that's on a track, and they shoot you over the edge at 30MPH, then stop you abruptly and teeter you back and forth menacingly. Then they do it a second time. And that's when you wish you'd just stayed inside and had a bloody mary and looked through the glass. Here's the view from behind the glass when we were drinking those bloody marys afterward.

While we were teetering, by brother said "We're as high as planes!" Terrifying.
Since the Man and my brother's girlfriend were waiting for us and I didn't want to seem weak I said to my brother "Tell them it was awesome, yes?". And then he told the guys who run the ride that it was awesome. And I had to be specific about who I thought we should be lying to: our significant others, not teenagers who make the ride go. They don't care...

After that, nothing was cool anymore and life was empty and bland. Kidding! Saturday night we saw the "KA" show of Cirque Du* Soleil, and it was SO damn cool. The stage was a marvel of turning, changing amazingness. The dancer-performers were extraordinary. Just: wow.

So that was Vegas. Gambling and eating and drinking and dangling and Cirque-ing.

That's all folks.

*Can this be right? "Du"? Help me out other people who took years of French but now doubt their abilities. I feel like this should be "de". Is it de + le = du? Is that how this works here? Aidez-moi.


Beowabbit said...

Oui. "De" + "le" = "du".

Sounds like they've changed that ride since I was last there. First time I went to the top of the Stratosphere they had one of those pick-you-up-and-drop-you rides on top of it, which would have been very cool except they made me take off my glasses so I couldn't really *see* that I was way up in the air. Second time they had a little rollercoaster that ran around the edge of the disk on top. It was kind of a pathetic rollercoaster (the hills were very shallow), but hey, it was high up. And I was wearing contact lenses that time. Mare and I totally want to go back. To Las Vegas; I don't think she's as excited as I am about whatever ride they have on top of the Stratosphere whenever we get there next. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the X-Scream was actually scary. I love roller-coasters and the like for the inherent deal offered: pretending to imperil you while actually keeping you entirely safe. It's rare that one manages to do that so well there's a moment of real fear.

Did you also try Insanity? That was our favorite--we found it oddly relaxing, like flying in a dream.

And yes, de+le=du.

Welcome back.

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