Monday, March 11, 2013

Last scene

You know that last scene in a movie where everyone a person knows converge on one spot and it's awesome and there's dancing and you get the impression that everything is going to be okay in the end?

That's what it was like on Saturday at Brighton Music Hall. It was the Jesse Dee CD release party and over the course of the night I saw almost everyone* that I've met since moving to Boston. The crowd was in very high spirits, despite the freezing weather and complete lack of good parking. My belly was full of tacos and love and I danced and smiled with friends. Nice, right?

I almost wondered if it was my last scene and if I would be hit by a bus on my way back to the car. Luckily, I wasn't!

Sunday was significantly less awesome because it was spent doing taxes, cleaning, and then later standing around. Though I loved all the company I had during those tasks (cats/the Man**/theatre folk), it's just not the same as tacos and dancing.

Then today I came into work. I arrived at 7:55. I looked at my desk. I realized my computer was still at home. I was home and back within 45 minutes, which is kind of amazing. I may have played it fast and loose with some traffic lights.

This week will be very busy with all things Lysistrata because we open this Thursday. I am excited for the show to start. And also a little excited for it to end. I know I'll be let down when it's over; that's inevitable. But I do look forward to it getting lighter and me having time after work to do other things. Outside things. I want to get back into jogging after work. I want to start doing garden-y things. I want to go to yoga more. SPRING! And also RENEWAL!

*Well, maybe not almost all the people, but very many of the people. That's still a lot of people.
**Sometimes in my head when I'm thinking of the Man, I will mentally call him "the Man" instead of his name. Derrrrr.