Friday, January 4, 2013

Textversation with J about this picture

Leslie: Bubble Wrap Cat says "hey".
J: Oh Bubble Wrap Cat, what do you dream?
L: Bubbly dreams, baby. Can Bubble Wrap Cat get you some champagne?
J: I would love some champagne. Thank you, Bubble Wrap Cat!
L: Bubble Rap Cat might want to get you drunk.
J: Ha ha ha! Bubble Rap Cat comes from the streets.
L: He's hard. Do not mess with Bubble Rap Cat's sick rhymes.
J: He's gonna kick it old school!
L: He can rock a rhyme that's right on time.
J: BRC ain't nothin' to f#$% with!

And then J send me three emoticons: kitty, microphone, and bag of money. And I knew I had been bested.

Other than that, you know, things have been things. I had a very nice Christmas with my family. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas-or-equivalent. I went skiing with the Man on New Years and that was super cold but also fun.
There was one thing that I wanted to mention. The day my brother and I left Atlanta, my parents were expecting guests. My Dad's college roommate (he graduated 51 years ago) and his wife were coming for dinner. I would like to assert my intention here to still be seeing college roommates in the year 2050. Who's in?


Wonderland2 said...

Me Please! xoxoxox

The Perfect Space said...

Won't 2015 be close to the date we buy the New Orleans house with the wrap-around porch?

die Frau said...

I am SO IN to both the 50th reunion and the New Orleans house with the wrap-around porch.