Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sociability, beginnings, and criminals

This past weekend was more social for me than most. The Man went to Portland for work on Friday so he stayed at Sunday River to ski. I went to a wine club with several other wonderful ladies on Friday night and in an atypical move for me, I stayed out until midnight. I KNOW! You're imagining me with a party hat or a lampshade on my head right now, aren't you? Well, there was wine, and cupcakes, and beautiful baby N to play with. How could I NOT stay? Once I finally did leave I fell straight into bed.

Saturday morning I had to drive into Boston. Now here's a completely irrational thing about me: I am terrified of driving to places I don't know if those places are in a city. I will go WAY down a country road with no fear (because you can turn around in people's driveways and there aren't people honking at you!) but I go numb and scared if i have to drive into a city. Despite never having gotten lost as a result, I'm always sure I'll end up in some labyrinth and never get out again. Anyway! That didn't happen. I made it to my destination (the Greyhound Express freight terminal) and back without any trouble. We ordered a beautiful vintage table from ebay and I have been drooling over it since it got to the house.
Saturday night I had a delightful dinner at Orleans with L. We laughed and ate and drank sangria. I will never tire of fish tacos with friends - that's for sure.

As a nice surprise, the Man came home late Saturday night instead of Sunday night. This meant that Sunday morning we were able to have an impromptu coffee date at the house with a former coworker and his wife and 10-month-old baby. This was a floppy, wonderfully smiley and curious red haired baby and that was quite a treat. I was riding a bit of a baby high:

Leslie: Sometimes, when you see babies like D, don't you kind of want to have a kid?
the Man: Sure.
L: Well. All right then.

Sunday night we had dinner out with some of the Man's friends. They're parents were in town watching their two girls so we had a grown up evening of business discussions and cocktails.

After seeing so many people and getting so much stimulation I could have used some extra sleep. Instead I got almost none on Sunday night and so I had a bunch of chocolate-covered espresso beans before our first Lysistrata rehearsal last night. I was a little wiggly. But no matter - it was wonderful anyway. When I got home I noticed that for almost an hour there were very loud helicopter noises over the house - a rare thing. It's not weird for a helicopter to pass by but this one was hovering over our little neighborhood for quite a while. I asked the Man if he knew what it was when he got home, and he said there was some armed criminal in the area and that was a search for him. When I got up this morning I found that the Man had strategically placed our dining chairs at the base of all the stairs and in doorways as a makeshift alarm system. He's a good protector.

Ah well, worky now...

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Wonderland2 said...

That's hilarious about the chairs! cute idea. Glad you had a fun weekend :)