Thursday, January 10, 2013

A few things

You know what I really hate? When I'm watching a show, and several episodes or a season or so in they start straightening all of the women's hair - giving them (or some of them) blow-outs. As if there are problems with the show that can only be solved by deeply-unhealthy looking flat flat hair. Obviously any issues with plot or character development can be ironed out (ha! get it??) by changing the way the lady characters look. Duh. I've seen this on a few different shows and it just makes me more angry than anything.

UNRELATED TO IRONED HAIR: I sometimes used to think that I would like an assistant or butler to do all of the tasks I didn't want to do, but now I know that what I actually need is a cat-butler. I will call him Kitty-Jeeves and he will wear a tuxedo and whenever one of the cats makes a noise while I'm trying to sleep Kitty-Jeeves will shut that shit down. Additionally, I will be able to say things like: "Kitty-Jeeves, would you please bring the litter-box 'round?"

MORE RELATED TO IRONED HAIR THAN LITTER BOXES: So! Lena Dunham. I really like the show Girls (for context: I really DISLIKED the show Sex and the City). I like her. I think she's funny and I appreciate the way she flaunts her sexuality despite the fact that she does not have a model-perfect body. Because MOST of us do not, so YAY for people showing that you can be normal and sexy and vulnerable at the same time. However, I follow her on Instagram and I see how much different she looks now than she looked in season one of Girls. She looks a bit thinner and frequently more polished. Now, that's cool - she can look how she wants, and I really dig her style, but what do you do when the women you hold up as models of anti-conformity start to conform to what the media says is beautiful? I think it's totally reasonable for her to want to be more polished and have a nicer haircut and do what she thinks looks best weight-wise. Plus she's pretty young and likely still figuring out what style is best for her. But. It's like with Jennifer Hudson. After American Idol she started to lose weight. And she went from being this curvy powerhouse who you could look at and maybe relate to if you were curvier and now she kind of looks like everyone else on tv. That's totally her right. She is under NO obligation to represent any size of woman. And the same with Dunham. But it's kind of complicated, right?

So yeah, though. Cat-butler. Remember me next Christmas, please.

EDITED TO CLARIFY: I don't think all blow-outs look bad by any means. I do think that many of the ones I've seen on tv look unnatural, shitty, and wrong. Probably the good ones look so good that I have mistaken them for not being a blow-out. Also, my friends who do it occasionally look beautiful, because my friends are the prettiest.

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