Friday, December 21, 2012

Not so much

I know I have been not so much with the blogging lately. Things were not being easy on me and when that happens I retreat. And when I indicate that "things" were not being easy I guess I mean that I am not so great at coping with stress and there was some stress. So I was being not so good. You know? Ok. As long as we're on the same page.

But! Things! That are good! I finished my Finance class. I don't have my grade yet but I'm sure I did fine. And now my brain no longer resembles scrambles eggs. And I understand debits and credits and expense and revenue and whatnot. The whatnot was my favorite part.

I also auditioned for Lysistrata and was lucky enough to land the role of Lysistrata. You should all come see it! It is the original Greek sex comedy! I predict that there will be giant fake penises on stage at some point (though I can make no promises).

I had my annual review at work yesterday and they said I can stay, which in this job market, is just fine by me.

So those are the answers to the what-have-you-been-doing-with-yourself question.

Also, today I get my haircut and then fly to Atlanta to be with my family for Christmas. And the world didn't end. So I'd say margaritas all around for that, yes?

So, I guess enjoy your holidays and stuff? Be safe.


The Perfect Space said...

I love you! Be careful!

Leslie said...

No, I love YOU! (be safe!)

Ha ha! Last word.