Thursday, November 29, 2012

The dark side

Sometimes I want to walk into a room silently but powerfully, do one completely crazy thing, and then leave.*

There are some weird things on my life list, some of which I will surely never get to, and some things that are probably illegal:

(Please know that this is not my complete life list)
1. Punch someone in the face**
2. Throw a drink in someone's face at a bar
3. Crash a car
4. Jump off something really, really high***
5. Ride a horse really really fast
6. Maybe I'm just weird.

*This is mild - but perhaps an unexpected table flip?****
**Yes, this an other things might get me beat up, but in my fantasy, that never happens. Duh.
***Sky-diving totally counts. Let's do this shit!
****Are table-flips ever expected?

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