Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaBloPoMo =

National Blog Posting Month
This is November, which means that it is the month that I aim to write a blog post every day. The goals, they are lofty.

The Man is in the process of taking our damp, slightly uneven, kind of dungeon-y basement and making it into a SUPERBASEMENT. This includes: new, upgraded/modernized plumbing, pipes moved to increase head-space, sealed walls, and a new floor. The old floor was dirty, dusty, and not really level. Also, there was no barrier to moisture.
Over the last several weeks the Man has spent lots of hours ripping up the basement floor so that someone could come in, fix the plumbing, put in a vapor barrier, and re-pour the floor. The thing is that these are all jobs for different people and the service people in our area are apparently SO busy (how busy are they?) they’re so busy that they can’t come to appointments, or provide quotes, or even call back.
But, recently we’ve had some luck. Larry the plumber has come in and done a nice job fixing up our pipes. And yesterday the Man had a guy come in and break up the rest of the floor. According to the Man, “this guy was an animal”. He just worked and worked and worked and I’ll be damned if our entire basement floor isn’t sitting in the dumpster in our driveway:


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