Monday, August 6, 2012


Over the weekend I learned how to do a super-fun thing. I learned to paddle-board.

If you are unfamiliar with paddle boarding, it’s basically standing up on a surf board type thing and balancing while you paddle back and forth across the waves. It looks easier than it is.
If you are unfamiliar with me you should know that I never do anything with paddles or boards because I am unathletic and my typical answer to “do you want to do this thing that requires bodily-coordination and using tools?” is usually “no thanks”.

But! I did it! And after my first half-dozen or so falls I really got the hang of it.
The Man’s brother in NH has a bunch of surf boards and paddle boards (though his p-boards are the type you can surf on, so they’re smaller/narrower than standard p-boards). We hopped on while there was a lull in people crowding the water and I immediately went nowhere except into the water. As it turns out, balancing on a board in the water (which is moving all the time) is actually not super easy.
In the beginning I thought that my feet would have to be in the traditional surfer stance (below, the feet in red), but actually because you’re paddling across the waves instead of into them, you actually have to have your feet both facing forward and next to each other (the feet in black). Also, it helps to squat down a little to better your chances of remaining on the board. That’s why my thighs are pissed off right now.

But! Fun! (Also a little sunburn on my back!)
So after getting beat up a little in the water, the Man and I came home and watched Breaking Bad (we’re in Season 3 right now) and I got beat up that way.

And now: worky work.

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Wonderland2 said...

I have always wanted to try that! It seems super cool.