Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Strangers in the night

  •  I can just tell that today is one of those days where I’ll feel like I have bugs in my hair all day.

  •     I had two unpleasant stranger-related incidents last night:
The first happened while I was standing outside of RedBones with J and J, waiting for L. A drunk guy came up to me to share my umbrella (because of course you are welcome to share it, as I am just a woman and should be treated like I have no opinions or personal space) and he took out a cigarette. I asked him not to smoke it while he was so close to me. An awkward conversation followed and then he touched my arm. A DRUNK STRANGER-MAN TOUCHED MY ARM. I told him I don’t like to be touched by strangers and then HE DID IT AGAIN*. Because strangers are evil. Luckily, J and J immediately suggested we take ourselves inside, and as we were doing just that, L showed up.
THEN as we were leaving and walking home-ward, a couple was walking toward us (nearest me). As they passed, the guy put his face directly in my face and screamed really loudly, which made me scream, because that is what happens when someone scream-bombs you**. They just kept walking.
What the fuck is wrong with people?

Luckily, dinner was absolutely delightful. DELIGHTFUL!

*A much less awful version of this sort of thing happened when I was in high school. I was sitting at a table and a younger, new friend sat down with me and looked at the book I was reading for English class. I then noticed she was writing me a note in my book
"Aaaahhh! Please stop writing in my book immediately I DO NOT write in my books!" I said. She apologized. Then I noticed her writing a note of apology in my book. Why would you AGAIN do the thing I just said I didn't want you to do?? WHY?
I am confused by people. So confused.

**Holy potato I wished I had the presence of mind to headbutt that guy so hard.


The Perfect Space said...

I hate that my initial response to strangers being jerks is always shock, not anger. The anger comes hours afterward when I've been thinking about it for a while & then it's too late! PS-chrome lets me check blogger, too. HAH!

die Frau said...

After my self-defense class, I hope I would have had the presence of mind to immediately knee him in the balls, but man, I just don't know. What a weirdo.