Friday, July 6, 2012

Waiting until the last minute

Here's something that really bothers me, and I do it too, so I'm totally guilty -

Does it seem like it's hard to get someone to commit to doing something?

  "Hey, I was thinking of having people over on Friday for some movies/food/beer pong/knitting circle/whatever. Are you in?"

  "Oh, Friday, yeah, that sounds really fun... Maybe."

I know I sometimes do this, so I should really be looking inwardly to see what the hell is going on. And maybe it's not everywhere. I always think that there's at least a little bit of something-really-amazing-might-come-up! happening there, and in this area, where there's generally a ton to do that's certainly possible.

Another thing that I find happening kind of chronically is that the Man and I will talk about the weekend:

  "We should do something this weekend. You know - plan a fun thing, go somewhere maybe."
  "Yes. Definitely"

Then Saturday rolls around and we have no plans and no idea what to do so I do laundry and get groceries and tidy up and he works in the basement. Then we go out for tacos later. And don't get me wrong": tacos are wonderful. But. Still. You know.

It's Friday now. I think tomorrow will be the same. But maybe we can take ten minutes to plan something special for next weekend...


Beowabbit said...

I suspect the reasons for this depend on the person. With some people, it might be, Oh, sure, I'll hang out with you if nobody cooler comes along. With others it might be, I'd love to get together with you if I'm over the worst of this round of chemo by then. And there's a wide range in between.

Leslie said...

I'm sure you're right - that the reasons are diverse. And many are no doubt reasonable. It just happens so much that I wonder why there's a shift. Are we just flakier?

die Frau said...

I do that...this is why I've begun making hard plans because otherwise it's, "Yeah, TOTALLY!" and then nothing happens and we wonder why we never do anything. T is MUCH better at this than I am. I'm slowly improving. It's just that someone has to take the reins....and hope the others don't flake out. This is how my last book group disbanded: Everyone said, "YES! That date is just right!" and then everyone backed out. Without telling me. After I'd gone the grocery store. GRRR.