Monday, July 9, 2012

Sometimes life is a comedy, sometimes a drama

Dudes. This weekend. Whoo.

Saturday was pretty tame. The Man and I went up to spend the day in Holderness, NH with his parents. The driving is a pain but their camp is relaxing and we read magazines and ate sandwiches and that's a pretty good day. Then we came home and did a few things around the house and watched some Breaking Bad.

Sunday we went to breakfast and got some touch-up paint from the Benjamin Moore store and did some more things around the house. The way I understand it, that never goes away. In my experience, there is always another project, always laundry, always cat hair. To be honest, I'm not sure how I would behave if I didn't have these tasks to handle, so it's all for the best. In the early evening I went to a theatre party/BBQ in Arlington. There was champagne and also delicious hot dogs. Everyone seemed happy to see everyone else and isn't that kind of the best thing when it's summer and you're outside and everyone is just excited to be together? Oh, there's one thing that can make that better: adorable babies that you can pick up and rock back and forth and make funny faces with and they sometimes suck on your nose because that's how they roll. Baby therapy is the best therapy. If you could bottle that shit you'd be a trillionaire. Also, the testing/clinical trials you'd have to go through to approve the drug would be a breeze:

    "What are the results? Are the patients better?"
"Yeah, the cancer is gone and everyone is giggling constantly."
    "Any side effects?"
"Wet noses and some smooshed cookie bits in faces. Nothing serious."

It's just delightful to relax and catch up and see people you haven't seen for a while. Community is pretty great.

BUT THEN. You may not know this but half the world has broken up with their significant others. More new information: break ups are hard.
After the BBQ I went to A's house because we were having a girl night for this very reason. Our conversations made me wonder about what you even say to adults whose relationships end. I feel like break ups still kind of feel like they did when we were 13 years old, except now you already know:
  • You're still an awesome person with value
  • Life will go on
  • It sucks now but there will come a time when it doesn't suck anymore
  • You'll probably find someone else who makes your heart sing

So do you say these things to people? It sounds clich├ęd and obvious, but maybe it's just what people need to hear? Right? Or do you just say "That fucking sucks"?
I guess this is probably something you decide on a case-by-case basis. Luckily, for all of my friends, they're beautiful, smart, wonderful people who are easy to love. They have support and will no doubt find people who help them make all their dreams happen. That's what I think.

Ok. To work. But as a wrap up, here's a picture of our garden before we planted anything (but after I cleaned it out):
And here's the garden this morning. There's more on the other side of the fence, but this is my side...
Yes, I know. We need mulch.

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Sarah Berry said...

I always find that when people are in pain or thrown for a loop, their brain immediately forgets the most basic, cliche yet true, information.

It's been true when people have said it to me, and it's been true when I've said it to others.