Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In brief

It is extremely difficult to go into a bakery to pick up a cake for a co-worker and not get something for yourself right at that moment even if you know you'll be eating some of that cake later. EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. I kind of feel like I deserve an award. But in reality, I'll have to have to implement caloric-austerity measures at dinner to make up for the cake.

Leslie: RAIN!!
the Man: Are you telling me to rain, or are you saying that it is raining?

Everytime I go online to check my credit card or checking account, and the site asks me a question like "What is the first name of your maternal grandmother?" I am always terrified that I'll get the answer wrong, despite the fact that I know I supplied the answers to all of these questions in the first place.
Anyone else? Anyone?

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