Monday, July 16, 2012

Weekend update

 I took a half day last Friday and that provided a delightful little extension to my weekend. I did it because there were work-day only errands I had to run and also because a couple of college friends of the Man were coming over and I wanted everything to look nice and welcoming.
C and D arrived at our place a few minutes after 6pm. D had been swimming in a cancer-research fundraiser in the Boston Harbor during the day and had to change. We all had a quick drink and a tour of the house and then walked to Saloon for some delicious food and drinks in the air-conditioning. After our fish and chips and gnocchi and cheesy-meaty platters, we headed to Orleans for a drink, where we sat outside and chatted about old times v. new times.
At home we had one more drink, at the end of which I had to excuse myself because I could tell that I was moments away from falling head-first into the table I was so tired. I immediately fell asleep upstairs.
Saturday morning, the Man had to go to Randolph to work (before heading out of town) but C, D and I had a pretty terrific breakfast at the Ball Square Café before they left. I had a plate that was piled at least 6 inches high with french toast, caramelized yams, and walnuts. And probably a gallon of maple syrup.

After not-nearly enough digesting, I was picked up by J and J for a quick IKEA run. Where I only got things I really needed! And that were on my list! Like curtains and a pendant light! Score me! I spent the rest of the day hemming and ironing curtains and hanging out with the furries. The Man was surfing at his brother's place in NH.

Sunday was busy, but with fun things. In the early afternoon I went to a birthday party in Arlington with some lovely theatre folk, and in the evening when the Man was back, he and I went to a BBQ/fund-raising even for our friend A, who is going to Africa in September to work with a women's cooperative. There was a moderate amount of eating and drinking, some music, some hula-hooping, and warmth and babies and love. So, pretty damn good.

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