Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm a menace to myself

I am an idiot who apparently forgets where walls and corners are located. I slammed my right foot into a corner and heard and felt a crack. Then the purpleness came. So that's what I've been up to.

Otherwise, I've had some good times. Monday I went to a conference for work but then after I went with E to Craigie on Main for their eight course chef's tasting menu. It was pretty amazing. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy jamming the inventive delights into my gaping maw. We had some wonderful food and drinks and dang you should go there and do the same.
Tuesday I was in training all day at work and after I took the Man out for his birthday. he wanted to keep it low-key so we walked to The Painted Burro in Davis and had tacos and tequila drinks. It was a million degrees here on Tuesday so we chose that night to try out the new house's central air. Much to our delight it works! If it didn't work we might never be able to sleep again because our third floor bedroom seems to just absorb all of the heat in the world.

Tomorrow the Man has a charity softball tournament and I have to run some errands (like taking the cats to the vet, which they LOVE*) but I'm also having brunch with K, so that should be fun. Afterwards, I will try to force the Man into taking it easy with me. FORCED RELAXATION! (Now with right foot elevation!)

*By which I mean they scream the entire car ride there, entire time there, and entire car ride back. Luckily the vet is close and efficient.


Unknown said...

Oh no! Poor toe! Hope it heals quickly and you have a lovely weekend. Thanks again for the great time on Tuesday!


modernhaus said...

Dear Leslie,
Who ate off the rest of your toenails? Cat?

Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Fact: I have tiny, stumpy Flinstone toes and teeny tiny toenails. To my knowledge, the cats are uninvolved.

die Frau said...

Your toes are fine. I'm just impressed that you apparently propped your foot on the counter and leaned over as far as you did to take the picture. Yoga has increased your bendiness!