Monday, June 18, 2012


This morning I watched the first episode of Girls on my iPad while I got ready (thank you, K, for letting me piggy-back on your HBO app!). I liked it.

Though there are certainly more girls than this who are instrumental in keeping me sane and happy, here are some of my girls with me on the window seat:

Blurry. But trust me: gorgeous.

I had a pretty busy weekend (partly in NH to spend quality Father's Day time with the Man's parents). We planted some more trees and stuff and worked on inside projects. It was productive. I even managed to sneak in a kind-of nap on the window seat with the cats. I don't remember the last time I napped in the middle of the day, so it was pretty great... until the washing machine beeped that it was done. Anyway...

This morning I drove into work (on yoga day, with the mat and the change of clothes and the lunch, it's just too much to carry around. Plus I need to get my oil changed later). I stopped at the four-way blinking red at Morrison and Willow. I checked all the oncoming/side streets and then proceeded straight. Then a biker
came from my left and didn't stop at the blinking light. She had to brake, though, to avoid me and she gave me the SHITTIEST look ever, as if I had done something wrong. Well you know what, bitch? I obeyed the traffic laws and YOU did not. Maybe you should follow the damn rules and take charge of your own safety instead of getting an attitude with people who are following the laws. Stop lights and signs do not exist to keep cars out of your way while you coast through them. (P.S. you didn't see me but I totally gave you the finger)

EDITED TO ADD: Why the Man's Mom is cool
The Man's Mom and Dad had a bit of fight-y drama this weekend while we were at the lake (they're fine, it was almost comical) and we were sitting with his Mom on the small beach talking about it. The Man weighed in with his opinion and then asked me to share what I thought. His mom, taking a brief break from being furious, said: "It's not fair to make her say what she thinks about this until YOU BRING HER INTO THE FAMILY." Wow. Moms making plugs for proposing = awesome. I think she'd like it as much as I would if we got this issue squared away...

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die Frau said...

This is why bicyclers get a bad name: How is a car supposed to avoid hitting someone who simply flies all over the roadways, ignoring basic traffic rules?

Go, Man's mom!