Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures and prudeness

Yesterday after work I stopped at Buffalo Exchange (second hand clothes) in Davis Square. I tried on lots of dresses, all of which tried to make me feel like my body is a shape not allowed for in nature, or at least fashion. I was having some issues. As I was standing there, all vulnerable in my underwear under fluorescent lights, feeling not-so-great about myself*, I heard the best thing ever from two teenage girls in other stalls:

TG1: That looks amazing on you. You have to get it!
TG2: Really? Ok.But when would I EVER wear it?
TG1: I don't know. Adventures?

Oh, yes. ADVENTURES. I love the whole thing. The you look amazing and the assumption of future adventures. Also, it's a conversation I can imagine having with almost any one of my girlfriends. More of this should be going on in dressing rooms. And less swearing and crying and vowing to never eat again.

*Who isn't vulnerable in their beige undies under unforgiving lights when nothing fits**? WHO?
**Well there was one fantastic dress that I loved but it was a little too short. All of a sudden I have become a super-prude*** when it comes to skirt/dress length. Almost anything above the knee makes me cry SCANDAL and run for my housecoat.
***SuperPRUDE! I'll wear a very long, practical cape and never show my ankles. I probably won't stop any crimes but I will sternly advise young woman to hide their goodies.


Shelley said...

Well, fine then, no more Boobquake for you. :P

Leslie said...

Well that seems terribly unfair. I promise to keep my prudie ways to myself!