Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emergency planning with my OCD

Last night the Man continued working on the bathroom baseboard trim that he started last weekend for two reasons:
1. We want it to be finished!
2. The den was a mess with a saw and sawdust and bags of tool-things and wood chips everywhere and I couldn't take it anymore NO!

So, he did that. It looks really nice!
Then he started working on the crown molding in the dining and living rooms. This is more complicated because it involves multiple angles and matching things up and something called "coping" that you do with a little hand saw. Luckily, the Man is a brilliant enginerd type, but he had to spend a while getting the hang of it.
At one point I saw him sawing at an angle that, if his hand had slipped, would have meant the saw would have cleaved off half of his thigh. At the same time that I made a cautionary noise, I found myself, very quickly thinking:
-Grab some clean dishtowels out of the closet.
-Pick up keys and purse.
-We both have flip flops at the front door.
-Take Morrison to Highland because it's quicker than going through Davis.
-We could make it to the hospital in 4-7 minutes.

Now, it may not seem abnormal to make a hospital-run plan (or maybe it does, I have no perspective other than my own). But I find that this is how I approach most things: try to see the future (or possible futures) of a thing/event/situation and plan for any possible outcome. Especially the bad outcomes. Especially the emergency ones.

Things I'm ready for in the short term -
a hangnail
small cuts/scrapes/pains
make-up emergency
something requiring rubber bands
being out in the sun
getting a little dirty
finding something small in a dark place
my car breaking down somewhere cold

Things I'm ready for (somewhat) in the longer term -
job loss
bad break up
starting over in another city


Anonymous said...

starting over in another city


Leslie said...

I assure you - that's not my preference.
But that might happen once the zombies eat all of our fun people in the apocalypse. You know they'll go for the fun ones first...