Thursday, April 26, 2012

Facebook, stop trying to control me!

This is a picture I took of my iPad screen. I followed a link from Facebook to Jon Stewart interviewing Elizabeth Warren*, and the Facebook "Can Facebook publish this to your Timeline?" box popped up. I couldn't close the box, because the tiny little "X" in the right top corner wouldn't work. And, as you can see, there is a No button and a Yes button, but only the Yes button was active.
I became indignant, said FUCK YOU FACEBOOK, and just looked at Elizabeth Warren's eyes while she talked. No one is going to control me, man.

*It was a very idealistic interview, and Jon Stewart was funny, but not really probing. Elizabeth Warren said a lot of things about how people would be more protected from big-bad-finance under the Consumer Protection Bureau, but she gave very few specifics. I'm not saying that anything she said wasn't true, I just wish there were more details. For context, I think this is true of almost every political interview, ever. ..

Here's a PSA for the gentlemen: DO NOT PUT ON KNOB AND BOLLOCKS


The Perfect Space said...

It is her idealism & Jon Stewart's humor that lead me to put it up--really, the Elizabeth Warren spray just made be laugh. Also, I'd probably buy it.

Leslie said...

I know.

Wonderland2 said...

OMG knob and bollocks link was fricken HILAROUS. I'm still laughing. (And yes, I totally agree that FB does try to control us and I don't like it, but... KNOBS and BOLLOCKS HAHAHA!)