Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Small changes

We have a lot of old can-lights in our kitchen and den. They look like this:
BUT! The Man has taken them and replaced them with clean, sleek LED lights that will save us at least $1 in energy costs over the next few years. SAVINGS!
Plus, they just look so much better. They basically blend into the ceiling and you can hardly tell they're there. Until you turn them on and they burn your eyeballs out.
Eh? Eh? Right? You know you're impressed.

Also, Yes. Sometimes I accidentally take pictures that make the ceilings look like walls. Can we call it artistry and not incompetence? Thanks.

Regarding the empty Triscuits bag* in the refrigerator from yesterday's post, I told the Man I thought it was adorable that he put it in there and he replied: "Yes. I thought you'd like it when I was doing it. And I hoped you'd interpret it as an order for more Triscuits, since we're now out of Triscuits." Ha! Awesome. I will of course, buy more Triscuits. Triscuits! Now with 100% more comedy!

*When the Triscuits bag is empty, does it cease to be a "Triscuits** bag" and become just a bag? Things that make you go: hmm...

**Probably this s the most times I'll ever type Triscuits in a 5-minute period of time.


Beowabbit said...

They make little stick-on remote-control light switches that look like ordinary light switches. I think you should get one and stick it to the ceiling, about four feet from one of the walls, just to make your ceiling photos more interesting.

Leslie said...

That idea is AWESOME.