Monday, March 5, 2012

The Great Refrigerator Caper

I order a refrigerator online from a company because of the really good price.
That company calls me and we mutually decide that they will deliver on either March 1st or March 2nd, depending on their schedule. They say they will call me the night before to schedule a 4 hour window for me to be home.
Wednesday, February 29th they call at 8pm to say they’ll come the next day, Thursday, between 2 and 6pm. They also say they’ll call 30 minutes ahead of time to make sure I’m home.
I take a half day the afternoon of March 1st.
At 4:30pm on the 1st I call the delivery guys to see if they’re coming. No response.
At 5:30 I call the company. They’ve all gone home for the day. No refrigerator.
Friday I call first thing to find out what happened and when they will actually be delivering the refrigerator. They say “Sorry. You were scheduled for Monday, March 5th. Someone will call you this afternoon or Sunday night to give you a 4 hour window and then they’ll call you 30 minutes before they get there on the day".
Friday afternoon rolls into evening and I never get a call.
The Man’s parents come to visit and help us finish the move on Sunday and they helpfully volunteer to be at the house for delivery so I don’t have to take another half day (they only live an hour away in NH and will be here during the four hour window).
Sunday night comes and goes with no phone call giving me the heads up on a 4 hour delivery window.

I come to work and start calling the company. They don’t open until 9am. When I get someone on the phone I get no apology. The rep says she’ll contact the delivery guys and get back to me immediately about the delivery time.
An hour and a quarter later the delivery guy calls me saying he’s an hour away from the house.
I hurriedly call the Man’s parents, who dutifully get in the car immediately and get down to the house.
Two hours later I get a call from the delivery guy saying he’s still 8 miles away in traffic.
An hour later I get a call from the Man’s parents saying the refrigerator is on the sidewalk because the one delivery man they sent refused to get the refrigerator to the second floor and in place because he had us down for curbside delivery even though I paid $100 for in-home delivery.
The Man’s parents, not being na├»ve on the subject of delivery men or handling unpleasant situations had some words with the delivery man and are as of this writing awaiting a second man to help deliver the refrigerator to its home in our kitchen. He should be by in an hour/hour and a half.
I am so eager to see how this situation works itself out. And I'm quite grateful to the Man’s parents for taking on a huge headache. Good peeps, them…

Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of The Great Refrigerator Caper*!

*Warning: I don’t know that this really qualifies as a “caper”


Shelley said...

I would call it more of a "Debacle."

I would also consider calling the company and asking for a refund of the delivery fee due to all the headaches they've caused, or that you will consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Leslie said...

Oh, dude. You bet your sweet bippy I'm demanding my delivery fee back.