Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Great Refrigerator Caper, or actually Debacle (per Shelley), Part II

So. Here:
It's in one piece and it's keeping my cold things cold. I love it, but it might take me a little while to get really enthusiastic considering the Man's parents were there for 5+ hours yesterday trying to get this figured out.
I recommend against using AJ Madison as your supplier of appliances. I can't wait until Home Depot delivers some appliances next week. Then we'll see how it should be done.



The Perfect Space said...

I can not WAIT to try that mo fo out for myself.

Unknown said...

Hurray for cold things!

Boo for delivery hassles!


die Frau said...

Did you Better Business Bureau their asses? They're required to look into it; they can't blow it off. It looks cold and fridge-y!