Monday, March 12, 2012

Housey house

I know I've been pretty absent from here, but the house-related business! Oh! There is so much of it!

The good thing is we're getting close to really BEING in the house. The bad thing is that we've still got lots of piles of things (clothes, boxes of kitchen stuff that as of yet have no home) and some other things aren't how we thought they were (curtain rods are too short, high-flow shower head means that we run out of hot water in about 10 minutes).
But it is getting done. It's just that all that, plus theatre stuff, plus very busy jobs right now for me and the Man all equals less communication.

Here's a thing that I like looking at while I'm washing the dishes (dishwasher to arrive tomorrow) or making coffee:
We have a big window at the kitchen sink and it allows for megatons of sunlight to wash into the kitchen and den. Good for succulents. (I think. Someone tell me if I'm wrong about that, please.)

And these guys are only being mostly awful:
Ohhhhh, they're lucky they're cute.

Friday night I did manage to have a few ladies over for dinner and drinks. It was wonderful to forget about the things I have yet to do...

La la la. More worky now.

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