Friday, March 2, 2012


The Man is a little crazy sometimes and can't stop with the house-improvements. He spent quite some time yesterday getting high from the fumes from these cans of epoxy.

The nice thing is, now we have a white tub instead of a pink tub. This is a big improvement. It only somewhat made up for the fact that I took a half-day off work yesterday to wait for the delivery guys to deliver our new refrigerator and they never showed up. BASTARDS! Now I can't do the wonderful grocery shopping I was planning on doing to fill up that refrigerator AND I likely can't move in over the weekend like I planned. I really hate it when things disrupt my plans. The only way this can be made better is if they deliver it today, but I would still have to take time off work. And the bad part about that (other than my using vacation days when I don't need to - in the winter - no less) is that this afternoon my company is having a party, so I will be taking a half day off from partying. Ugh.

PS. That's right. He's not wearing pants because he only had nice pants with him and he didn't want to get them all painty and also you know how much easier it is to work unencumbered by pants.

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