Monday, January 16, 2012

Windows and light and stuff

This weekend saw a lot of painting. And some Home Depot. And even a quick trip to IKEA. The Man and I finished painting the walls in the dining and living rooms (the trim still needs to be touched up because painter's tape is a damn liar and just gives you a false sense of security and I don't think I'll ever use it again). Jerk.
We also painted the floors of the two rooms upstairs because they were in pretty bad shape but we have no plans to recover them at this time. Because you just have to stop somewhere, you know? You cannot do everything right away. At least we can't. Not without a lot of time off work and unlimited funds...

So, here's a thing:
What are we going to do about this hideous mess? This is the window treatment in the kitchen. Now, this is a great window. It's just above the sink and it lets in tons of light because there's no house on that side. I was inclined to just take that stuff down and not put up anything (I usually don't wash dishes naked) but then I actually stood there when the sun was shining and my eyeballs almost melted out of my head. So. Thoughts? Now I'm thinking some sort of extremely simple white/off white valance? I don't want anything even remotely fussy or attention-hog-ish to be there so I'm having some trouble. I'm having a similar issue with a group of windows in the dining room. I don't want to put mini-blinds there, and I feel like roman shades might be too bulky. Ok, enough about this crazy first world problem crap.

P.S. #1 I might have had a crying jag in the shower and then let it out on the Man afterwards because occasionally it hits me that I've been working pretty non-stop on this house and it's not MY house and he can walk away from this relationship at any time and then what? We're not married and why not because what's wrong with me? And other societal pressures to be married and young and active and happy and independent and thin and pretty and and and bleeeeaaaaaaahhhhhrrrrrggg.
Sometimes it just gets to you, you know? Then you just have to cry and complain and have a glass of wine and turn up the heat and sit on the couch. Then you can get back to life as usual. It's cool now.

P.S.#2 The Man's realtor came over to the house yesterday with a gift package from the former house owners. It was very thoughtful (chocolate and wine and a gift certificate to Dave's Fresh Pasta, where we go all the time). The realtor told the Man an amazing thing: She said that in addition to the Man's offer on the house, there was a developer who offered more money in cash. The family didn't want to take it because they didn't want someone buying it, gutting it and selling it as condos. They wanted someone to buy it who would make it a home and love it and love living there, like they did. We were both pretty touched by that. What a great family, and a lovely gesture.

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The Perfect Space said...

I love this. Just another sign that that this place was meant to be. I think we should hit the fabric store in a couple of weeks to replace that flowered thing.