Friday, January 13, 2012

Having the carpet ripped out from under you

Sorry for the cruddy picture, but we don't have a lot of functional lighting in the new place. This is a mountain of rolled-up carpeting. It's about as high as an elephant's eye - and that's a lot of carpet!

The issue is that there's a fair amount of damage to the oak floors underneath. The first floor should be fine, but the second might be something we decide to re-do entirely. That will take time (a whole lot of precious time) and money, but if there's one things that's hard to do after you've moved in all of your stuff, it's the floor. So. We're waiting for the repair quote to come in before we decide.

In the meantime, the lack of carpets have given us a bit of a motivational push to keep going.

Also, I think I really freaked out the Man last night asking him a bunch of questions about WHEN THE HELL DOES HE THINK THERE WILL BE TIME TO MOVE EVERYTHING WE OWN?? Maybe if I hadn't spoken in all caps he wouldn't be freaked out but seriously we have a lot of stuff.
I'm sure it'll all get done.
I guess.

I know my posts have been short but I'm so tired and just about the only thing I've got going on right now if this house-and-move. Maybe I'll have thoughts about things later. I'll keep you posted. (Har har! POSTED!)

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