Monday, January 9, 2012


The other day:

The Man: *cough cough* I don't feel great. I think I'm getting sick.
Leslie: Nonsense!

2 days later:

Leslie: I can't breathe and I want to die. I think I'm sick now.
The Man: I might have started that...
Leslie:     :(

Soooooooo yeah. We worked hard all weekend on the house and now, in time for my actual job, I'm sick (and so is the Man). I can hear gurgling in my ear, which is new. And unpleasant.
I think that because the weather has been so peculiar and mild here it's been easy to assume I would never get sick. And yet... cough cough snarfle snarfle. Damnit all to hell.

There is a thing that I have slowly been changing about myself and I wanted to tell you about it in case you have the same thing because I just made some sort of breakthrough.
Historically, I have always been afraid of meeting new people. Always. I find it terrifying. Why? Because those new people will hate me, that's why (duh!). Also, they'll probably be smarter and funnier and better looking and everyone will like them better.
I know, I am a sad little person.
BUT! Here's the thing that I only really noticed upon beginning rehearsals for Pride & Prejudice (there are lots of new people in the cast): It's possible that people want me to like them as much as I want them to like me. It's also possible that other people are intimidated by meeting new people. FURTHERMORE if someone new is being nice to me and it seems that they like me, they may, you know, actually like me. You would think that this knowledge would have been accessible to me at some other time in the last 34 years, but no. I just now learned that. Still, I'm happy I did because do you have any idea how freeing it is not to have to have all of your defenses up all the time? To just take people's friendliness for friendliness? Let me tell you: it is nice. I like it.

Here's hoping I don't sneeze in your face today.


die Frau said...

I liked you immediately upon meeting you. No hesitation. :-)

Feel better--MWAH!

Leslie said...

I also liked you immediately. Because you are awesome.