Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I guess there's a lot going on... baby steps

You guys, last night I did not have rehearsal AND I didn't work on the house. I snuffled and mended a couple of sweaters and sneezed and tidied the dishes and coughed and went to bed. The Man was out with friends so I didn't feel terribly guilty. Tonight I will have to work on it before rehearsal though. Otherwise I'll start to feel like a slacker. Then Thursday and Friday we'll work on it. Hmm. Then also Saturday and Sunday. Soooo yeah. There will be working!

It's nuts how much there is to do. It's good that a lot of the things we're doing yield visible results (painting, taking down hideous things that previous owner put up) because it sustains me. When I have to sand or fill holes or tape I get pretty antsy.

In any case, then end is (kind of) in sight. At least I know I have to start moving things soon. The guy should be coming in the next few days to pull out the carpets and that will mean that I can at least start moving some boxes and things to the third floor since the work there will be done. It's all a little overwhelming but I'm happy that in a month from now the moving will be done and I'll be in a new place. This will be the sixth time I've moved since mid-2006 and I have to admit it's just not fun anymore. So I hope to be in this place for a while. A long while.
I'm also looking forward to doing social things again. You know, with people. With the house and everyone being busy and the gimpy ankle I haven't gotten out much. I will be going on vacation in two weeks to Malta with my brother and a childhood friend. It won't be warm (about 60 degrees), but it will be exotic and I will eat and take pictures and drink. And apparently spend lots of time in layovers in Heathrow.
But yay! Vacation! Then back to yoga and friends and being normal(ish)!

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