Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just wrote a post about being at a party last night and talking to someone who was defending Joe Paterno, saying that he did "enough". Ugh. I do not think he did "enough". I think he should have looked at this flowchart.

That post was a real downer, so instead, here's some animals being dicks.

EDITED TO ADD: Otherwise, the party was very nice. It was a lot of the Man's friends, talking about skiing, snow, ski gear, when to do the first ski, ski houses, and The Ski Channel, which was on tv while we were there. We also ate great food.


The Perfect Space said...

So, apparently is was the ASSISTANT coach who walked into the locker room. Either way, you know I am in total agreement that EVERYONE should have been freaking out IMMEDIATELY.

Leslie said...

Yes, I know he didn't see it firsthand. But - yes - EVERYONE freaking out IMMEDIATELY.

die Frau said...

What do these people consider "enough"? Would they have said the same if the boy had been a relative or a child of theirs? GRRRR.