Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Product of China

Ugh. My Mom sent me this news story (not from Fox News!). It's about the "365 Organic" brand (house brand) stuff at Whole Foods. Apparently it comes from China (even the "California blend"). The problem with this is that the USDA can't certify that the products are organic and the third party that is supposed to do it actually subcontracts the job to a fourth party and all of those levels make my confidence in the process go down. Especially since there have been incidents where produce coming from China has been prevented from being sold here because of the amount of pesticides on the food (my source for that is the same video).

Also, Whole Foods wouldn't be interviewed for the story but I do hope they come out with some information on this because I like shopping at Whole Foods. I liked having confidence in the stuff I was spending so much money on. Dang it.
It should be noted that the story is only about the one house brand and not all of the other things sold there. Though, it makes me wonder about the other stuff. The 365 brand is pretty cheap compared to the other brands in the store, so I guess there had to be a reason.

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Anonymous said...

I gave up shopping at Whole Foods almost two years ago. At the time it was hard, but I've managed to find other sources for almost everything I depended on them for. I'm hoping, once we're moved, to do a lot more of my shopping locally, on foot.