Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A case of the sleepies

It's the last day of NaBloPoMo, so I have to post something. But I'm sooooo tiiiiiired. My boss and I spent the last few minutes of work yesterday on the budget for 2012 and then he and my co-worker suggested a beer but I had to meet J for yoga at the gym. I went to yoga and after, while J was showering (we were going to meet at my house afterwards to go to Johnny D's) I saw my coworkers and had a quickie beer with them. Then I just made it home before J got there and I changed and we went to Johnny D's where we saw Tim Gueran and I had another beer. Then the Man texted me to let me know that he was with an former co-worker (who now lives in VT) and they'd meet me at The Burren, so I went there and had another beer. Then I went back to Johnny D's and saw Will Dailey play his last songs. Then I went home and I went to sleep but at a little after 3am the Man started sneezing and snarfling and I felt so bad for him because he needed to get up early and it sucked that we were both awake at such a ridiculous hour. When we got up I mentioned that and he said that he'd been asleep the whole time.

That hardly seems fair to me, right? Being awake because of someone else's allergies while they sleep? WRONG.

Now I am super tired and I still have a ton of budget stuff to do and can you imagine that staring at spreadsheets all day will not actually make me feel more awake? I think I may just sleep on my key board and let the letters indent my face. Budget schmudget.

And furthermore: GRRRRRRR. Life is hard when you go out for fun and have beer on a Tuesday and then must live with the consequences. Stupid consequences!!

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