Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Panty hose: modern torture device (self-inflicted)

Putting on panty hose this morning I came to the definite conclusion that hose are made exclusively for Amazonian giants or midgets. And no one in between.
Incontravertible evidence:
Sorry, but yes, this is the part of my body where the leg connects to the hip*. There are about 8 inches of scrunched up panty hose in this fold and the damn things still go up to my arm pits. What the what? WHO fits into these things???

Also, as a side note, I'm pretty sure that these hose are made out of pure evil by masochistic hobgoblins. Just sayin'.

*Sexy, no? Admit it, right now you're composing a fan-fic scenario in which I perpetrate some sexual asphyxiation on you with my support hose. You perv! No, I will not post a picture of me in my Spanx! That's for the Man's eyes only!

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