Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sleerphhzzz...snort. Wha?

Oh, sorry. That was supposed to read "sleep", but I'm a little out of it. I went to bed later than usual because of this:
Nope, it's not some sort of magical musical show I went to*, it was the night of our show where we go over one million cues. Or, rather, we get there on time and wait for hours before anyone needs us and then we hope on stage for the last 45 minutes and zip through our show**. But, such is the nature of things and that makes for a sleepy Leslie the next day. Luckily as I get dressed in the morning I watch 30 Rock on my iPad and watching Alec Baldwin is like taking a fistful of handsome multivitamins. RAWR.

*Although there is a blue translucent drum kit on stage. Totally dope.
**I'm only half complaining. I kind of love this stuff. Plus, I got to look at my Martha Stewart magazine for more than five minutes. Score.

EDITED TO ADD: I should probably note that we open on Wednesday and our show is both funny AND scary and has live music. And I'm pretty sure you can buy beer in the theatre lobby. All good things.

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