Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I just got these new shoes from Zappos.
They're great because I have really REALLY stubby toes* and usually with peep-toe shoes I'm out of luck because it looks like someone cut off my toes** because they're just not to be found. Like they went missing. And this is sad to me because there are some VERY cute peep-toe shoes.

I apologize to you all who hate feet.

*My neighbor when I was young used to call them "Flinstone toes" beacause apparently Fred Flinstone has short, plump, stubby toes. An ex-boyfriend said they were like corn niblets.

**Like PIRATES!***

***I don't know why I wrote "pirates", but don't they seem like toe-cutter-offers? OOOH! Or gangsters - you know, when they torture people so those people will give up the information?****

****This is going nowhere.

PS. I had to get new shoes because my brown sandals broke the other day at rehearsal. Just in case you needed a justification.

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