Monday, August 8, 2011


I'm not sure if I spelled that right, but let's assume that I did. This weekend was chock full-o-Shakespeare.
Friday night I went with several friends to see All's Well That Ends Well on Boston Common. The set was beautiful, the acting quite good, the boxed wine was wine-y. It is one of those shows with kind of a cruddy message: even if the dude you love is a total D-bag, you can trick him into staying married to you! Weeee!
It reminded me of my freshman year of high school when I was on the stage crew for our winter musical, Grease. All of the cool seniors were in it and I was completely in awe of their... everything, I guess. The teacher who was in charge of building the set (Nickname: Razz, Taught: Advanced Calculus) was a master set-maker but hated HATED hated the show. He thought it had the worst message ever. And, until that moment I had never even realized there was a message other than leather + singing = awesome. But wait! Super nice smart girl has to turn into sleazy smoker girl to be popular? Oh... Yeah, BAD.
Message aside, we all had a great time Friday night and I fell into bed at midnight with visions of stages and armies and Shakespearean magic.

Sunday was the Shakespeare Slam at The Burren. The geekery*: it was fantastic. I had a completely delightful lunch (well, I was the only one eating, but it still counts as lunch!) with D beforehand at Monsieur Crepe and then a couple of beers at The Burren. We performed a scene from As You Like It (September 8-11 in Davis Square!) and listened to many other people be in their turn, funny, dramatic, and gory. I laughed until my face actually hurt, it was so hilarious at times. Also, I always forget that when I hang out with the theatre peeps I see things like this: at any given time during almost any of the monologues, I could look around at the audience and see people mouthing along with the performer. Yay! I love you Nerdly McNerdingtons!

And to top it all off after that I went to KickAss Cupcakes with S and L. I highly recommend the Strawberry Lemonade cupcake. There's a surprise** inside. Plus, it's a limited edition! YUM.

Tonight I'm taking my bro out for dinner because it's his last week working in the Boston area. He's very excited to get out of here and go to Wyoming. Maybe there's a trip to Yellowstone or Glacier National Park in my future...?

*I invented two words, in the tradition of the bard.
Responsing: responding (why would you use one over the other? I just don't know)
Dependablish: being kinda sorta dependable

**It's a strawberry***! I bet you never saw that coming!
***It just occurred to me how this cupcake was less unhealthy than most because it was at least 20% actual fruit. Score!

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