Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is why I don't trust you, Old Navy!

I rarely buy anything from Old Navy anymore because I've found that the quality is pretty bad (that's what I've found, I'm not judging you for shopping there). But! I generally think it's pretty safe to buy tank tops and t-shirts there. This is why when I was buying $.99 flip flops the other day to go with a dress I have, I also bought this plain white v-neck t-shirt. Yesterday was the first day I wore it and BAM!
Seriously? I can't even trust you to do this right? NOT COOL, OLD NAVY.


Ouiser said...

i KNOW! i had the most fabulous gray tee from there...v-neck. loose but not baggy. gathered at the neck a bit. loved it. i washed it. it's got about thirty-seven thousand holes in it now. the fabric didn't hold up through washing it. barf.

sorry about your shirt :(

Leslie said...

Ugh, right? I guess I should have known better...
Dang them right to heck.