Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another post with no continuity or theme

Here are some things that I've been thinking about lately, none of which merits a post on its own.

1. On many mornings I try to insert my house key, which is silver-colored with a huge "head" into the lock of my door at work. This never works (even though my work key is also silver-colored -shouldn't that be enough?). I am surprised every time.

2. When I make dinner for just myself, it's frequently something like this: an apple with peanut butter, 3 baby carrots, and a piece of chocolate. Or I'll make two eggs and have half a bottle of wine and then later sixteen pretzels. But! Last night I made this:
It's shredded zucchini, potato, onion and some bell pepper. I fried it up with olive oil. S&P and a liberal shake of cayenne. It was delicious. There was a little left over so I ate that this morning with some eggs. Yum!

3. I love my iPod so much because when I take the T into work I can listen to Cindi Lauper and George Michael and Modest Mouse and Florence and the Machine and Monster Magnet and no one knows. (Except all of you now, of course.)

4. I know I'm a Prudence McPruderton, but I'm grossed out by people not wearing shirts in public areas. Generally, this is not so much an issue for women, who tend to not to show their nipples after toddlerhood. If I'm not at a beach or a pool, and you're a dude who is past puberty, and your shirt is off, I'm judging the hell out of you. I don't care if it's summer and you've been running and you're muscular and people should bow in front of your awesomeness, keep your damn shirt on. I don't want to see it. Unless you're the Man and we're doing it. Then I'm ok with the shirt off thing. See - I'm flexible!

5. Speaking of flexible, I feel that yoga has helped my foot position. See here:
My feet, when walking, or at rest, had always splayed as illustrated by position #1. Now, when I walk or stand, they are like foot position #2. I feel like this has helped my posture and has also made my walking straighter. Thanks, yoga.

6. If I'm taking the T into work, I can almost guarantee that when I am at the top of all of the stairs in the Davis station, the pre-recorded announcer will say:
Attention passengers. The next Red Line train to Ashmont is now arriving.

Then I will sprint down the stairs, past the nice lady giving out papers, through the turnstyle, and down the last set of stairs, sometimes making the train, but on days like today just getting to it as its doors close and it pulls out, kind of like we were in some modern version of that movie LadyHawke, where I'm Michelle Pfeiffer and the train is Rutger Hauer... sad.


Just Another Idealist said...

RE #4: One morning last week, as I was crossing the street to work I saw a random skinny guy walking toward me shirtless. I IMMEDIATELY thought of you, and then I decided that you were right. He wasn't super gross or hairy or anything, but it just wasn't right.

Shelley said...

Re #4: Totally. Even if the guy is young and trim and all, I still don't want to see his pale sweaty chest as he's jogging by. What if his sweat sprays off and hits me?! Nasty.

Re #6: I love the nice lady giving out the Metro. I've had good luck with Metro hander-outers at my residential T stops (there used to be a guy in Central when I lived in Inman who was a total sweetheart--and in fact, called me "sweetheart," but in a nice, non-skeezy way).

Leslie said...

"What if his sweat sprays off and hits me?!"

Aaaaaaaaand now I have a new phobia. Dang!

Shelley said...

Addendum to the "no shirtless guys jogging" thing: I saw an exception today on the way to work. Very sweaty, but just the right combination of muscled, tan and nerdy-looking to win me over. Jog on, hot sweaty half-naked nerd.