Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend update

Oh my, I liked this weekend. You know how you have weekends where you feel like you did a lot, but you wish you could have done more, but that might have made your head explode? Yeah, it was one of those.

Friday evening was a much-needed (and much-appreciated) wine club. After work I raced home to make a leek-ricotta-potato flatbread, and by the time I finished putting it together, it was time to go to A's. That's where I found this lovely lady. Look at her make drinks, folks. She's a pro.
These ladies were also there. See how I'm taking the picture to show you this amazing conjoined-yogurt-dipped pretzel mutant? But the ladies are in the background? Yeah, there's a lot going on here. We ate so much wonderful food and drank and laughed and plotted and it was wonderful.
I left the wonderful ladies at midnight and went to the Man's place to sleep over. Before going to bed though I took some measurements in the living room and dining rooms. Because I am mildly obsessed with furnishings and the placement of furnishings.

Speaking of furnishings, on Saturday morning I got up at 6:30 with the Man (he had to golf) and I went home and puttered and read until it was time to pick up M and go to upholstery class. I'm starting a new chair and I am super-psyched. The last chair looks wonderful and I swear that I will take pictures next time I'm in its presence.
After class M and I slowly made our way to Harvard for lunch and to the Riverfest. M's husband was performing with some friends and it was a lovely time. Here's M's dog, Gus. So so cute and sniffy!
As I was sitting and enjoying the sun and the music I telling A that I had four weekes left until I moved and that the last weekend would be spent packing. Then I re-did the math and realized that I actually only have three weeks left and I have shows the first two weekends.

Les: Holy shit, I gotta go pack. gets up...
A: Ha! Oh. Wait? You're serious, like right now? Good God, ok. I'll head out too.

We went to our homes and I managed a little packing before the Man came over for dinner. We both passed out super early while watching The Wire. To add a little excitement to our lives, in the time between 1:40 and 6:20am, my doorbell buzzer decided to malfunction and it went off randomly and persistently. Every time it did this one of us had to get up and go to the front door, stick an arm out and press the doorbell button. Awesome.

Luckily, Sunday morning was spent with my brother watching DVDs and doing this:
And also this:
After he left I showered, packed some more, and went to rehearsal. Then I read some of my (iPad)book and went to sleeeeeeeeeeep.

This is going to be a busy week. I'm excited (we start the show on Friday), but also tired just thinking about it.
Here's hoping for a bit of energy :)


kirida said...

leek ricotta! I just saw that in a restaurant. You fancy!

Leslie said...

Ha! I assure you that I am not only fancy, but also SHMANCY.

die Frau said...

I like that the Man "had to play golf". An imperative.

I've always liked that slightly diabolical smile of your brother. :-)