Friday, June 3, 2011

Learning to use our words

I was talking to the Man the other day about the potential furniture arrangement of his apartment for when I move in and make it our apartment. He said:

"Why don't you just draw a floor plan so I know what you're talking about and we're looking at the same thing?"

I'm pretty sure he just said it to put off the conversation, but Man, you just have to ask me once. So, I did what he suggested. I laid it on the table after sushi last night and he asked if that meant I wanted to talk about it right then. By way of an answer, I started talking about it. He listened, and suggested that my ideas of how the rooms are proportioned are perhaps a bit unrealistic, but we generally agreed on a bunch of things.
I asked about the secretary desk in his dining room:

Les: Do you mind if I use that as my desk?
M: Well, you can't really use it as a desk because it barely opens and closes.
L: Ok, well, I can just put my things on it. Since you have a bigger desk upstairs, and you use the kitchen table as an office, I need to put my desk stuff somewhere.
M: But I have stuff in it.
L: Yeah, you have stuff everywhere; it's your apartment. You'll have to move some things. Maybe we can just put something different there since it doesn't even open and close like it should.
M: Oh, this is going to be funny. You and me, living together...
L: ?
M: Well, you're used to being practical with stuff, and I...
L:'ve been spreading out in all available space as inefficiently as possible for the years you've lived there?
M: Yup.
L: Well, that will have to change.
M: sprays me with water bottle I use to spray the cats.
L: Oh no you did not.

So, we're learning to use out words, but we've got a way to go...

Luckily, I will be able to effectively use many many words this evening with some fine lady friends drinking some wine. Enjoy your weekend, folks :)

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die Frau said...

I am jealous about both the wine and the sushi.

Don't worry--you'll work it out...but I do think using words beforehand is important.