Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's always so easy for me to forget that Boston is a major city because I feel like we have such a close community here. I see the smallness way more than the bigness. Then I walk around with people who are visiting and I look UP.

I took this when A visited for Memorial Day weekend. As always, I was overwhelmed by the scale of what people can build. Boston is humming with people and work and it still manages to feel small most of the time. Good job, Boston.


Sarah Berry said...

I always thought the same thing about Boston when I lived there, it just seemed so small! It really did feel like a small community. I'm glad to know it still has that vibe to its residents.

Just Another Idealist said...

The John Hancock Tower is the tallest building in New England at 54 stories high. I learned that yesterday on my very FIRST Duck Tour. I've lived here for 10 years. Dude, it rocked. I know stuff about Boston now. Also, Copley is pretty. We should cross the river more. Not a lot more. Just more than a few times a year.