Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is why I sometimes like the idea of Big Brother, an open letter

Dear Man in the Red MiniVan with the License Plate 5982XM (you are represented by the red car marked "ASS" on my diagram),

What. The. Fuck? I was waiting at the stop sign at the end of my street, trying to turn left on Mass Ave (which sometimes isn't easy because there is traffic) for only FIVE seconds before you decide that you need to pass me on the LEFT in order to turn RIGHT?!? Is that really what happened? I know I had my turn signal on, because I always switch it on at the same place. I know you must know that passing someone on the left and blocking the other lane of traffic from coming onto the street is not legal, so what gives?

The answer cannot be "because I was in a hurry" because you were stopped about 50 feet from where my street ends at the next light on Mass Ave. You ended up maybe two or three cars ahead of where you would have been had you lived within the law and let me go first, you know, since I was there first.

Here's the worst part: your lame attempt to make things ok by turning around to me while you were blocking me completely from getting onto Mass Ave. to mouth "I'm turning right". As if I could not tell what was happening, and your explanation was all I needed. As If I couldn't see your giant red minivan in my way you fucking asshole.

YOU are the reason that I think all cars should have some sort of monitoring device that is periodically reviewed for content. There would be a Committee of Reasonable Motorists sitting in a room with many many tv screens watching the crazy unsafe things you do. And dick moves like the one you pulled this morning would result in getting your license revoked.

I'd like to set you on fire,


Just Another Idealist said...

THAT was a good one.

Just Another Idealist said...

And by good I mean, "What an A**HOLE!

die Frau said...

I bet there were kids in the back seat, too.