Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just some things...

1. I would very much like to live in a world where you can go to sleep comfortable in the knowledge that you will not wake up with another life form draped across your nose and mouth, or standing on your ear.

2. "You're only as old as you feel". I have always interpreted this as: Your perception is your reality. If I may apply this to other parts of life, my reality is that it is hella-cold and I am therefore declaring it still winter in Massachusetts. Today we are expecting an accumulation of two to four inches of snow.

2.5. In three days I will be in the middle of summer in Aruba, where it's basically 82 degrees, dry and sunny every single day.

3. Today is Die Frau's birthday. She's a very special lady and deserves (at least virtual) hugs!

4. I've had the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD for over a year. Last night I planned to go home and do the workout before seeing the Man. But I really didn't want to. I realized it's because I only ever did level one of the three levels of workouts, so I moved on to level two. It didn't seem like to would be much harder than level one, and I guess it wasn't too bad, but it did make me question my belief that I have good balance. I am the worst squatter ever; I can barely remain upright. I shall have to practice more.

5. I heard on NPR this morning that a Massachusetts company is sending a team of explorer robots to the power plant to see what's going on inside, which I think is geekily awesome. The president of the company was interviewed and the conversation went kind of like this:

NPR: So can these robots do everything a human team could do?

Pres: Yes, they are extremely advanced and they an get around as well as people, except...

NPR: ?

Pres: Well, unless the people in the power plant locked any doors. If they locked doors, I think this may be over before it begins.*

HA! So the robots are ROBOTS! That are advanced! But door locks? Ermmmm... not so much. Oh, once again having thumbs defines our superiority over all :) Here's to dexterity! *clink*

*I'm paraphrasing a little bit here...

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die Frau said...

Thank you, Yum!

We got 5 inches today. Happy birthday to me....

But I love YOU!