Monday, March 21, 2011

Theatre, turkey, and pretties

This was a full weekend, which I like. The Man was gone, which I don't like. This morning I noticed that when the Man is away, and it's just me in bed, and the cats protect me from the elements and myself by not letting me move anywhere on the bed because they pin me to my spot (with only a half inch of wiggle room in any direction), when I get out of bed I can slide out the side and gently replace the blanket and it's like no one was ever there.*

Friday night I was in a staged reading of Clubfoot, or Tales form the Back of an Ambulance. It was marvelous! We had a great time, and the show was enjoyed by all, as far as I can tell. When the staged readings are over, the audience is able to stay after for a conversation with the actors and the director. Our show was about three EMTs. There was an ex-EMT in the audience who had some good comments and he asked if anyone had any experience in ambulances, to which I replied:

Well, I watched E.R. a lot in college...

And a different audience member said:

Well, that's not really what it's like when you're...

At which point I tuned him out because REALLY? You think that I think that watching E.R. counts as medical experience? Come on. It's not like I'm talking about House, here...
After the show the gang went to Rudy's for margaritas and nachos and pleasant conversation and much laughing. Perhaps the best thing about Rudy's? It's two minutes walking from my house, so when we were done I practically rolled downhill and into bed.

Saturday was a very special Thanksgiving 2 in honor of A's sister who was visiting from Dallas. We ate this guy, and drank a lot of wine, and watched a lot of Star Wars. So basically it was a perfect day.
Sunday morning I got up and drove to the Burlington Mall (in Burlington, surprise!) to get in this long-as-hell line with all of the people who wanted to be extras in a movie. Looking back on this experience, I wish I'd known that I did not have to dress to impress because I would have worn my converse instead of my high-heeled boots to stand around for two hours.
Seriously, when I got there at 10:00, which by the way is when they said to get there (I'm a rule-follower!), the line was already about 500 people long. Grrr.

So, let us hope that I am an extra in a movie so that all of this tragically long waiting in line will not have been for naught.

Here is a gratuitous shot of a beautiful display of aprons hanging up in Anthropologie in Harvard Square. I want them all (though I almost never wear an apron so the one I have is woefully underused).
I love Anthropologie for its beautiful displays and though I didn't get out without buying anything, I did ok. I mean what else are you going to do when you get to Harvard 45 minutes early for your two rehearsals and you've already gotten coffee? Go shopping, obviously. Duh.

So that's really all I got. Last night I ended the weekend with a nice dinner at Border Café with G and then we FROZE (isn't it spring??) on the way to and from the T. I got home, did my laundry, washed the dishes and tidied up and then went to bed. And... Here I am again.

*And THAT folks, is how you make a sentence RUN ON.

Only five days until I go to Aruba. Nice!