Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend update

Happy Valentine's Day. Go love someone. NOW. No, just kidding. You should read this first.

This weekend was nice, though it didn't start out so great... I was at the Man's Friday evening helping him sell a table to a guy from Craigslist. The guy was late but very, very nice, so it wasn't so bad. Then we were going to drive to my place and spend the night. When we got to my place, though, there was no parking. Nor was there any parking on any of the streets all the way back to the Man's house :( COME ON!! So, we parked back at his house and walked the long route back to my place so that we could stop for a drink (or three) to get out of the cold.

Saturday brought lots of errand running during the day and a dance party at night. A bunch of us went to M's loft in Lawrence and boogied a lot. Also, I told D that one of my goals this year is to head-butt someone, and he let me do it to him. It hurt, but now I can cross that off my list. Headbutt? CHECK.

Yesterday I went to 90 minutes of bikram yoga with J. We were the sweatiest girls in the whole world afterward and I am excited to go back because that was a serious workout.

An observation about how yoga is like life: Many times during the 90 minutes I wanted to lie down, or quit, or throw up because it was hard. But I kept at it. I didn't lie down (except when instructed to) and I got through it. I feel that way a lot. I hear myself thinking "I can't do this". But I can. Despite being sure I'll fail, I don't. Even if not every move or decision is right all the time, I get through it: yoga, and other stuff...

Other random updates:
-I have been off tissues, and on handkerchiefs since the new year. It's awesome. I thought I'd find it gross and awful but with the rare exception of blowing my nose into something a little damp, I think it's a great switch. Plus: lovely vintage embroidered handkerchiefs.

-I have decided that I probably won't go back to trapeze class. Here's why: it was really fun and exciting, but there is no logical conclusion. I'm not going to join the circus and it's not really a goal to become great at trapeze. I just want to try new things that are adventurous. Plus, it's $55 per class and I feel like I could spend that on other adventures.

-About two years ago I auditioned for a local sci-fi podcast series called the Mask of Inanna. I was cast as a character that doesn't appear until Season 2. We're having the first read-through of my first episode this coming weekend. I'd all but forgotten about the fact that I'm in it and I'm in the process of getting psyched all over again.

-I was asked to join a dramatic reading for a show called Clubfoot Or, Tales from the back of an Ambulance. It's about three EMTs in Seattle. It's clever. You should see it in Boston on March 18th.

-I keep asking the Man questions about how things will be when we live together (starting this summer). He keeps replying with the answer: "Hm. I hadn't thought of that yet". To which I reply: "I know, that's why I'm bringing it up now."

-When I grow up I want to own several pygmy goats and make my own small goat cheese :) Also, I'll have some chickens even though they're so hateful, because I love eggs.

-Syzygy is a great word. It refers to a celestial body alignment of the variety that happens during a solar eclipse (earth, moon, sun). It is also the name of one of my favorite episodes of The X Files.

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