Thursday, February 17, 2011

dreams, wishes and growth

I drew this for you. I know: you can't read it. This is what happens when I draw things hastily before work and take the picture with my phone instead of my camera.

It's a continuum of happiness in dreams. It goes from very very bad (zombies eating your mom) on the far left, to less bad (falling on your face) to good (find $20) to awesome (unicorns and rainbows).
I've marked below the continuum where my dreams typically fall. Yes! Some are worse than "zombies eating your mom". One time when I was younger, I had just watched Jumanji, and I had a dream that zebras were in my driveway eating off my friend's face.

In any case, last night I dreamed that I was in a hotel room with my mom and there was blood - first beading up on the ceiling, then gushing through to the floor. It was... disturbing, to say the least.
Then I got up to feed the cats and I went back to bed. The dream I had then was that I kept having to fill out this form online and every time I got to the end it would reset and all of my information would disappear. Seriously? This dream made me more upset than the blood-gushing dream. I think I have a minor amount of anxiety over doing my taxes on my own for the first time. But it's ok. I got a 1300 on my SATs and I did better on the math. I'm confident that I will get through it.
In any case, last nights dreams have pushed me to a decision: I will have to think good, happy, loving thoughts before I go to sleep. Maybe this will help me dream about nicer things! Maybe nothing will change! I don't know! It's worth a try; I figure thinking good thoughts can't possibly hurt me... Or can it???

Also, here is new growth on an orchid that I was sure was completely done for. I'd re-potted it without realizing that you can't just stick orchids in regular dirt and expect everything to be ok. They need orchid potting stuff of some kind. And I hate buying specialty items like that for one plant - like buying a giant hunk of fresh ginger when all you need is a half a teaspoon... You know? But hey! GROWTH!


Just Another Idealist said...

Duuuuuude, time to stop watching horror movies.

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