Friday, February 11, 2011

He can't even spell "bribe"

He is a monster. And a cowboy*.

I tried to bribe him into submission with a swank new bed. You didn't know they made mid-century modern pet beds, but they do. He actually loved it**. It's very pretty*** and is way less noisy than the creaky basket he has now. I think I actually did sleep better knowing he was in this bed. Until 4:30, when I was bopped awake with a furry paw to the face. BUT! Tonight is Friday night! And you know what that means? Partying? Oh, honey, no. SLEEP. And then I don't have to get up early tomorrow morning, so I can sleep more. And then! And then! I will think of things to blog about that are not cat- or sleep-related. I can't wait!

*Kind of a gay cowboy, but these are the most masculine napkins I have, so whatever.
**Once I put catnip on it he loved it. And then he continued to love it. Nothing wrong with that.
***Covered in flowers = kind of gay. BUT I LOVE HIM JUST THE SAME, YOU GUYS. Don't be a hater. Gay cats are sweet.

Yes, I am a zombie when I don't get a lot of sleep. I swear I'll be normal-er**** next time.

****And, by normal-er, I mean just as weird but slightly more interesting and coherent than I've been these last few days.

P.S. I saw this awesome pin on etsy that had a drawing of an angry cat with the caption: CATS ARE WHORES WHO CAN'T READ. Yes. Yes they are.


Just Another Idealist said...

I think this may be your cutest, passive-aggressive cat-related post EVER. Did you tell him that there's a dog at my house & we're not afraid to use it?

Leslie said...

Ha! I will let him know :)