Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In which I actually finish* something I start

Over the summer I bought three of these chairs. I'd never done anything to any piece or furniture besides painting the frame of a mirror.
I planned to sand, stain and reupholster the chairs. CHALLENGE!

Months went by. I casually pulled out materials to start working but then I looked outside. There was grass and sun. So I shelved the stuff and promised myself I'd work on it soon.

I very occasionally sanded. Then stained the wood. That wasn't enough though because the stain didn't coat evenly. So I sanded more and stained more.
I must have done about 4 coats of stain until these chairs started to look normal. They're from the late 60s/early 70s, and I didn't want them to look new or anything, just "refreshed". The finish on the wood was damaged in some places and the orange fabric was stained and frayed.

As the weather got colder my desire to finish increased and yet I discovered that it's super hard to work on reupholstering three chairs when you're swaddled in a blanket on the couch watching Star Wars. So. It took some time.
Finally I finished the staining and started to take off the fabric. Each chair had about fifty gazillion staples and another seventy-five or so tack nails holding the fabric on. It was a huge pain taking them all out.
BUT! Then I got to staple my fabric on! It's better in person. It's a grey**-blue with wavy texture. And it looks pretty good with the darker wood.
I'm pleased. Now I can put them in the basement until I actually have a need for them. You can never have too many chairs***.

*And by finish I mean I've finished the first of three. I still need to replace the orange fabric with the new stuff on two of them. Le sigh...
**I strongly prefer this spelling of "grey" to "gray". Strongly prefer. I do not know why.
***As it turns out, you probably can have too many chairs. But I really really like chairs so I try to advocate for the side of more chairs. Always more chairs. drool chairs drool.


Just Another Idealist said...

I can't wait to see those up close & personal!
I haven't enough chairs. I was thinking perhaps you could find me some...? I would, of course, pay you a finder's fee. Perhaps in the form of soup or ice cream. Wait, no ice cream is my thing. Olives, maybe?

Leslie said...

This is the reason our relationship works.