Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just some things that happened

If you can, tell me what's wrong with the following alphabet:

a b c d e f g h i g g l m o n y q q s t u s w x y z


You may notice that the letters are all bajiggety. This is the alphabet that I typed out on my phone last night after I dropped it in a giant slush puddle of frozen wetness. I thought I would never get to use the "r" again! And the sad "k" that kept coming up as "g"! Boo hoo.

Then someone at rehearsal mentioned that all might be solved if I put my phone in some rice to absorb the moisture. I tried it when I got home. It was Basamati. It worked! My alphabet is back and I don't have to go through the awfulness of getting a new phone! Weeeee!

It just occurred to me, JUST NOW that though I occasionally fixate on the fact that I'll never be thirty years old, married with kids (this would be extra tough since I'm already 33), all the people I know who did get to do that will never be 33, unmarried, child-free and with disposable income.

This is why I've signed myself up for a flying trapeze class in a couple of weeks. Because THIS is the time for me to live on the dangerous* flipping-through-the-air edge: while I have no dependents and I'm still limber enough not to break into a million pieces.

*I'm sure there's a net. And probably a harness... I did have to sign a waiver relieving the place of any responsibility in case I die...

Quick question: I hate the cold, but no one wants to/can get away to go someplace warm. Is there something I can do for a long weekend, someplace I can go where it's warm and I can swim and wear short sleeves and not clench all my muscles all the time? Is there? Do any of you know of such a place?


gilana said...

Yay! Glad the rice worked. And hurray for adventure, can't wait to hear about your trapeze experience.

I vote for Florida. Short enough flight that it's worth it for a weekend.

die Frau said...

Yeah, Florida. Or Las Wehas.