Monday, December 27, 2010

Wool socks save lives... well... feet anyway

I left my car at the Man's last night when we walked over to my place because there's a snow emergency and no place to park here. When he left this morning to do some snowblowing of his driveway and sidewalk he determined that he couldn't get the snowblower past my car to do the sidewalk so he tried to move the car with my spare key (which is just a key with no fancy fob). Instead he managed to set off the alarm which disabled the car which could only be turned on now with my fob, which was with me. I told him that I'd do some laundry and then walk over to his place to move the car so he could resume the snowblowing.

I went downstairs to the basement in my socks, yoga pants, and a turtleneck to put in the laundry. When I came back upstairs to my apartment, the handle to my back door wouldn't turn.

--Important bit of information: I have a front door and a back door. The back door is inside a small vestibule and the front door goes to the outside. Each of these doors has a deadbolt and a door knob lock. I always keep the deadbolts locked; I never keep the knob locks locked. I do this for two reasons:
1. I only ever have to lock or unlock ONE lock when coming or going.
2. If I forget about the knob lock and close my door I won't get locked out.--

So, as it turns out, my landlord had been in my apartment a couple of days before Chritsmas to fix a leaky faucet and had locked my door knob locks for me. :(
So, unable to get in through the back door, I walk around the apartment building in my socks, in at least a foot and a half of snow to the front which I think I may have left unlocked.

Of course I didn't leave it unlocked: I'm me.

Luckily, my neighbor's girlfriend was next door and with her Spidey sense realized that I was about to freak out in a freezing rage on the porch because she opened the door and invited me in.
I didn't have my phone (it was sitting next to my keys in my apartment!) she let me use hers. I tried almost a dozen numbers that might have been the Man's but weren't, since I just don't have his number memorized (I know there are lots of 4s and 7s...) I tried J, who wasn't around but I thought had the Man's number. I called over and over until she picked up* since I was calling from a number she wouldn't recognize and would be less likely to answer. She did call me back and she did have the Man's number, but by that time my neighbor had called our landlord to ask if he could come by with the key. I didn't want to have to do that but even if the Man would have known that I needed my spare key he wouldn't have been able to drive it over because my car (which, as you'll recall was unmoveable without my fob which was in my apartment that I was locked out of) was blocking his car in his driveway.

Eventually, of course, the landlord did come and was very gracious about having to come over in the snow and let me in. I was very excited to be inside rather than outside in just socks. Warm wool socks, but still...

*J was suspicious at the number that kept popping up on her phone (my neighbor's phone has a Connecticut number). But! She also thought something fishy was going on since the number KEPT CALLING AND CALLING. Her boyfriend, D, kept telling her "It's an autodialer. Don't pick it up."
I'm pleased that her curious nature took over :)

I hope you're all staying warm today...

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