Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"I'd rather be 75 and Sunny"*

I would prefer that my unexpected week off be in the middle of July. I'd wear tank tops and halter dresses and I'd let the grass stick up between my toes and I'd drink frozen drinks and let the heat from the sun press down on my skin and I'd laugh and skip** and play.

But. It's the tail end of a snow emergency here, and my desire for ADVENTURE has been pushed out of the way in favor of a need to put on more layers and snuggle with the cats to prevent my nose from freezing off.
This is just like when I was unemployed. It would have been much nicer (if a bit less productive) if the weather had been warm, but I was without work from January 12th through May 3rd, and through most of that time winter was being a total asshole.

Today I crossed some of the things I wanted to do off of my list. And, since I don't have to get up early and I've been drinking gallons of earl grey, I still have lots of night left. Also, I did curl up on the couch and read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo today. It was a really riveting book; I loved it.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with M, who is a master shopper and enabler, so that ought to be fun. And I should do some more work on memorizing lines... I guess using my vacation to relax isn't such a bad idea :)

*Ryan Montbleau lyric. I'm quite excited to see them play on New Year's Eve. Spending the night with close friends, and the Man, great music, and dozens of happy hippies is delightful, I assure you.
**I would. I would absolutely skip.

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die Frau said...

I knew you'd like it. I'm sorry it's so damned snowy for you! Erm...make snow angels? Snow cones with maple syrup? Smile because I'll still be dealing with stupid snow at the end of March?